Tuesday, 2 August 2011

green dreams ~~

Hello everyone! Finally got to add a post here! So...this kind of marks the beginning of my photography blog + a gallery I decided to add here. Please be patient, more updates will come as soon as they can . I will be off for about 5-6 days and will post more after I come back from the mountains (*´▽ `*). I really hope that I  have a great time and I will keep an eye out for the awesome night ☆stars ☆ xD. stars. stars. stars. stars.

I started taking photos 2 years ago so that means i have many "old" pictures that I will show you in the future. Cannot leave them out, right? [:

First pictures that I decided to submit are green related in most of the part. I took the shots in a park (which i see as a forest :] ); it had some beautiful big trees covered in ivy from bottom to top. I really love these kind of trees. Ivy gives them a really mysterious and interesting aspect.


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