Friday, 4 November 2011

Barajul Izvorul Muntelui - The Brook of the Mountain Dam

Travel journal - summer 2011 - part 2 

Summer trip adventure continues ... me & my folks ended up at the Mountain Spring Dam/Barajul Izvorul Muntelui from Bicaz. It was reaaaaally beautiful and tall (as a dam should be lol) and for our surpise it was a sunny, hot day.

Going to the mountains made us think that we could get some fresh Cold air but it was not so cold in the daytime, only at night. But it was really amazing to see so many beautiful places and so many trees. Green everywhere <3.

It was the 15th of August when we arrived at the dam. And that is the day of a big feast day in Romania which is celebrated at this dam and at the Black Sea back in Constanta(left from Constanta and got was like the celebrating part followed us!!). And that is why the dam was crowded with people and there was music everywhere <3(*`ヮ´*)ノ . Just our luck. In any other day it would have been a really silent place.

At the bottom of the dam, people were sunbathing and enjoying themselves.

Beautiful grass lands were surrounding us at times.

We stopped the car to get some fresh apples from the trees on the side of the road.


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