Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Safe and Sound

The temperature is slowly falling, the cold mist is taking it's toll while we watch the vapour circles rise from our mouths. We close our eyes
and think of Christmas but we still feel the sting of cold on our hands. With our bodies covered in warm clothes we look at the sky and wonder where the sun has hidden. But just for a moment, because a ray of sunlight suddenly hits us in the face making us feel warmer.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The only difference...

"Always the exactly s a m e sky and always the s a m e day Only thing that's different is that you're not here.
It's has been slightly raining today and I have started to feel winter coming closer. It's really strange that autumn hasn't really been here this year.  Seasons come and pass, just like most things."


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Spinning Flowers

Summer seems so far away but we try to enjoy every season as we should. I'm already remembering memories from the last two summers and I'm trying to warm my feet while imagining the bright yellow sun casting its beautiful rays upon the little flowers which seem to spin on the ground.

The buzzing bees and the hot air of summer make me close my eyes and dream of them more and more.

Do you miss summer?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lying in the sun

The rays of the burning sun are gathering around us, making it really feel like summer.

Watching the sea in the distance it seems like time stops for a moment but the heat brings us back to reality.

This post is a little surprise for my best friend's birthday which was at the beginning of the month.
Hope you like this, A. ! Happy belated Birthday! ~~

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Falling grace

Somewhere up a mountain, within a small creek that grew with the passing of time, a pristine strand of water like billy-o makes it's way through the frost-bound rocks that stay still and carry within them the whispers of birds and animals, the secrets of the falling leaves and the human touch for which they crave.

The strand creeps trough every open spot until it hits the edge of the rocks and falls.
And it falls, and it falls so much that it screams louder and louder, in hope of someone to come and catch it.

But no one comes. The water splashes the ground and the rocks but somehow the fall doesn't hurt, not even a bit. No one come and catch the falling water since there's already some fallen water which awaits for the landing of more and more water.
The strand becomes more agitated but calmer in the same time and lets it's water fall from the top with such joy that the screaming sound becomes a forgotten echo.
Sorry for the lack of updates orz. I know i promissed more posts but as usual, life gets in the way. Hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry for the bad quality of some of the pictures but it was my first time experimenting with falling water and i was really hypped and also in a hurry since i was on a trip to the mountains ~~ Until next time, take care!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Vivid statues

We search for more around us, trying to surround our lives with as many things as we can: it is our need of having someone to look at and making sure that we are never alone. We may think that statues are just lifeless sculptures but we crave to have them in our backyard, beautifully looking at us. And when we look at them more carefully we see them bathing in the sunlight, absorbing the warm rays of sun and
telling us a story that we have never heard of before.
The little girl carefully smoothens her hair while the boy near her is looking away.
With her dress fluttering in the light air, the girl dances in the sunlight and puts her hert at ease.
It's like she is lost in time with her eaves softly pressed on her eyes, dreaming of a faraway place.

The setting of the sun announces the end of a day but it seems like a beautiful start for a moment of relaxation and peacefulness.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Graceful white

I have really been loving lilies-of-the-valley all my life! They are so small and fragile yet they smell beautiful and unique. It is really sad that I have to wait a whole year to see these little white bells that shimmer in the spring light.
Shy at first, the graceful little bells rise from the ground and hide in their green wings until someone comes, picks them up...
... and takes them in their loving home.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

A world in black and white

It is a blessing to (almost) all of us to see the world around in beautiful vivid colours that brighten our day. But if you stop for a moment and try to picture it just in black and white you can then see the unseen and hear the unheard. There is too much going on at the same time reason for which we mostly can not focus on what is simple and beautiful.
Try to imagine a world in black and white...
... and not to think of it as a bad thing.
Just imagine and listen to the things that surround you.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lilac dreams

My, my, how long has it been since my last post?!? I do not even want to know! I have been quite busy/ never found the right moment for a new post but since I have more free time now I will start gathering pictures faster in the next few months.

❧     ❧     ❧     ❧     ❧

Back in May I went to pick some lilac with my parents and it turned out to be really hot where the lilac bushes are growing (every year it is hot there)!

The lilac flowers were heightning to the top since they wanted some warm sun to bathe in, hiding between leaves and branches, wispering secrets to one another and laughing at us while we were fighting to reach them. It was already their time to go because they'd bloomed back in April; some still holding to their flowers and some other already shaking down their petals, they were all heading the same way: down to the ground.

Bees and other insects were buzzing around while some beautiful chirps chimed in the little forest around us. The wind was hiding it's slight moves deeper in the lilac bushes where the leaves were slowly dancing in the shades. For a moment I lost myself in those surroundings but the heat was too much for what my little bones could handle.

After gathering a few branches we left behind the scent of lilac flowers and promised ourselves to reach this place earlier the next year so we could get some fresh buds of lilac ~~

PS: I have chosen pictures from this year and the year before since I have not posted those yet. Enjoy *^^*


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