Friday, 24 February 2012

Rose Sunset

In the past year I have became a flower addict and I have four rose pots that I really love! Hope they will survive and bloom again and again.
Here are some shots of the last rose pot I have recieved from my mother. I really like how in the past days the sun sets down in a beautiful way, making my room glow in a really warm shade of orange. I am happy that it is finally warmer outside and I can not wait for spring to come. I really have the urge to smell some freshly bloomed snowdrops.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Soft pink in the daylight

These are some pictures i took back in the late May of 2011. While walking through a park i spotted these really beautiful trees which had already bloomed. They were covered with really beautiful pink flowers which i had not seen before. The bark of the trees was really interesting; it had a really beautiful green shade and made a great contrast with the pink of the flowers. I wish i had taken more shots but now i just hope to see them bloom again in about 2 or 3 months and take my "revenge". :D Enjoy ~~

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Red Wild Fruit

Went on a little walk with my friend the other day and I got to use his beautiful Canon eos  1100D. I decided to post more often on the blog because i never get to post when i take the pictures and then all the "magic" runs up.

So here it is: one of the many posts. It was a really dull day yesterday. It snowed lately  but then it got warmer and all the snow melted leaving behind all the muddy places.

We found some interesting trees with fruit in them but i couldn't take some good pictures since the fruit were way up high. But i was lucky to find a fallen tree (not happy about the fact that it was fallen..) with fruit in it. So i got to take a few shots and later edited them. Hope that you like this little drop of colour that i added, since all we have been seeing these days was snow and dull colours.

Enjoy, S. ~~

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Travel Journal - Varatec Monastery

Travel journal – summer 2011 – part 5

Still on the road and closing up to our "destination" we stopped at a monastery which came in our way: the Văratec Monastery. It was a really beautiful place, filled with a green garden and flowers that surrounded the whole place! After entering the beautiful monastery garden we saw a really interesting well. The thing that I really liked was a pond which had an angel in the middle of it. On a marble plaque it was written that "Here, on the spot of this little pond, was the altar of the first church, built in 1785 by mother Olimpiada. The angel is watching over the saint table and is the symbol of the monachal life.". For a moment I remembered the weeping angels from Doctor Who (ha ha ;D).

The interior of the monastery was also very beautiful; kept clean and filled with amazing vases with breath taking flower arrangements this reminded me again of how some things can be really beautiful if we just put our mind to do it. We only spent 20 minutes in that beautiful place but time was ticking and we started to get extremly hungry. On our way back we took the same road, which led us to a pension-restaurant where we ate some really good soups. The interior of the place was really amazing! And it was filled with stuffed animals everywhere! I saw owls, foxes, deers, ducks, squirrels! etc. After our tummies were filled we got in our car - oh and in the meanwhile outside it started to rain cats and dogs! - and turned left on the main road. Our next goal was Agapia!


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