Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rose obsession

Hello little dreamers! I have been away for some time because uni has been slowly eating my time. I have also been reading books since last year I did not get to read many.
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This time I have chosen to show you again some of my roses! In the past year I started to love roses! My rose pots sit really nice near the window, bathing in the sunlight. I really love how they turn from little buds into large beautiful flowers! Recently I have been taken by surprise by the last rose I got. The beautiful orange rose I showed you in the Rose Sunset post bloomed again! Three beautiful orange roses were in my sight for a few weeks! I cut them now since they almost passed away but I am waiting for 3 more flowers soon! Some new buds are already prepared to start a new adventure! The most interesting fact about this orange rose was it's amazing, mind blowing, sweet smell! I was really amazed when I realized that it had a delightful smell. I will now let you enjoy some shots I have stolen from these wonderful flowers (not all the pictures are recently taken) ~~


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