Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Relaxing with flowers

Trying to relax a little in the afternoon warm sun.
Bought some beautiful flowers ^^.
Drew a little in a new little sketchbook that I've recently won + some peonies in my normal sketchbook ;D.
Finally found the Madame Lucie store in Constanta and ate my first macarons :D. They were amazing! I tried out Grapefruit+Blueberry & Rasberry flavoured ones! I am aiming for the Chocolate+Banana & Lavander flavours.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spinning with bubbles

The weather has started to get warmer by the day and it is quite hot in the afternoon which already makes me fear for those hot summer days that are so close.

Today I went out to buy a few thing with my ma and I found an awesome bubble blower(I really don't know how it's called) which I could not resist to test ;D. It was a good aquisition since the bubbles were amazing and so many!! I wish I can get an even bigger bubble blower someday haha xD. Maybe rent one just to play with for a day.

I am going to post more pictures like these, and you will find them in the Daily magic column ^^. The website design is still in progress so be patient ^^.

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