Thursday, 13 June 2013

Strange fog

Although we're already in June, the weather has been quite moody here, and we've been experiencing some strange fog in the past few weeks. The rain has also been present but my town has hidden quite well from the rain. The weather was awful in some other towns :[. A few days ago I was walking by the seaside when a strange cloud of fog appeared out of nowhere and started moving above the sea and sand. It was a little creepy and the temperature dropped really fast(it was 10 degress C colder! brr), but that didn't stop me to take a few pictures of the insane people who were playing/standing in the freezing water. The wind was also blowing quite hard. It was not a good day for wanting to get a tan. I have also added a few picture from a few days before the foggy day at the beach. I like summer (really curious of when it will actually beging) but I am not a big fan of the summer heat (irony has its place).


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