Saturday, 31 August 2013

High school Memories

Best friends meet again and take a trip down memory lane. They remember of little things that seemed different back then when they were still children with not so many worries and complicated thoughts.

The back school yard looks much smaller than it looked many years ago. 

We are just shadows stretching in this familliar place and trying to adjust to newer times, newer thoughts. 

The sky seems to be bluer here and really relaxing compared to the times when this place was filled with other thoughts, most of them related to the studying part.

Things do not change, we change but shadows still stretch together. May they stretch together forever and always find each other.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Books and ice-cream

A few weeks ago I ended up in Techirghiol at a very well known monastery. It came to my surprise to see many more people than usually! It turned out that the relics of some saints had been brought there and we came just in time to pray. I was a little sceptic about the little unplaned trip to Techirghiol that day but it turned out to be really amazing and relaxing! I also found a really cute bookstore and, since I am a bookaholic, I had to snoop around the shelves filled with books. I was really amazed to find some popular books at some low prices, fact for which I bought the Annals of the Western Shore series by Ursula Le Guin! I am really curious to see how this author writes since I have hear some interesting things about her series.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Natura Dino Park

Hello, dear dreamers! I want to welcome you to my new house of dreams, where I will be posting my photography, art, daily life related pictures. I hope that you will enjoy my posts and do not forget to leave your thoughts if you have the time to <3~~

Recently I have ended up to visit a new attraction from my town. While I was walking outside with my friend, we decided to visit Natura Dino Park, a unique park in Romania. Filled with reconstructions and fossils related to dinosaurs and the evolution of humans, we were amazed to feel for a moment like we were in another town!

Spying on some of my favourite yellow summer flowers we ended up passing by some lovely birds, and got to hear an Ara Parrot say "Hello" in a funny "Harro" kind of way. I love parrots and I could have ended sitting next to them until the end of the day!

After leaving behind the bird section (I was amazed to see a cute Toucan and some Rhinoceros birds) we finally found the place we were searching for: Natura Dino Park.

Really well thought, this small section of the park allowed visitors to "merge" with some interesting pieces.

For children and other enthusiats (like me!) some huge dino puzzles were waiting to be solved.

Little souvenirs I got from the NDPark (I did not like the few dino related figurines that they had and some were really expensive!), since I am a big fan of deers, does and owls!

Sending lots of love to all of you dreamers ♥!


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